Gen Kyanda rallies Kiryateete ghetto residents to income projects, security

Chief of Staff of Land Forces in the UPDF, Maj Gen Kyanda, addresses One Love group members and general public at One Love focal point in Kiryateete, Hoima city on Thursday. (Photo: Kazi-njema News).

The Chief of Staff of the Land Forces in the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), Maj Gen Eric Leopold Kyanda, has challenged Kiryateete ghetto residents at the periphery of Hoima city to refine their image and name in order to stave off the bad society perception about them for financial development.

Addressing members of One Love group at their hub in Kiryateete this week, Maj Gen Kyanda said the public links ghetto residents to brutal criminality.

It is against this backdrop that he advised them to rebrand their image for social acceptance and trust.

“Society misunderstands ghetto residents and labels them as criminals. You should fight this and come together to do away with the misunderstanding,” advised Gen Kyanda.

The senior army officer told members of One Love group that ghetto residents have for long dragged their feet to embrace government developmental programmes despite its vision for financial attainment inclusivity if the country is to attain a middle income status.

“Guard against liars. Government has all it takes to help its citizens including ghetto residents to develop their financial statuses through diverse projects. All you need is to organise, approach your leaders who will guide you on the right procedures to enable you access government funds to heave your financial statuses”, he advised.

Gen Kyanda also advised members of One Love group to “ensure discipline and not to use it for destruction.”

A cross section of people attentively listens to Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda at One Love group in Kiryateete, Hoima city. (Photo: Kazi-njema News)

During the meeting, people from different walks of life presented to him a number of challenges affecting a wide range of disciplines including industrial engineering, music, civil works and education among others.

The president of One Love group, Mr Gilbert Karuhanga, told Kazi-njema News that the organisation that so far has more than 500 members embraces people from different political divides with intent to cause financial development in the area.

The meeting was organised by the area councillor, Ms Doreen Mpabaisi, who encouraged the group members to aim at initiating and expanding their income generating projects so that they can reach greater financial heights in the current Uganda’s competitive economy.


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