Golf Academy re-greens Fort Portal to check climate change effects

African Young Environmental Activist (AFRIYEA) Golf Academy Uganda Chief Executive Officer, Mr Isaiah Mwesige, digs up one of the holes where a tree was planted in Fort Portal City, Tooro Sub-region this week. (Image: Courtesy)

In order to promote environmental sustainability, afforestation activities have been conducted by partner organisations in Fort Portal City, Tooro Sub-region.

The exercise has seen the African Young Environmental Activist (AFRIYEA) Golf Academy partner with Miss Tourism Tooro and students from St Mary Gorett, Fort Portal and Nyakasura school front the urgent afforestation cause by planting trees at Tooro Club.

Mr Isaiah Mwesige, the AFRIYEA Golf Academy Chief Executive Officer, stressed the critical need to protect the environment by planting especially indigenous trees and implementing sustainable planting practices besides conducting special training on the importance of planting indigenous trees.

He called for the need to avoid littering the environment with non-biodegradables, particularly plastics that have become a global environmental threat.

“Let us avoid littering with non-biodegradable materials, especially plastics. We can all commit to environmentally friendly practices that lead to a sustainable world. Working together as a community, we can make a significant impact on our environment and ensure that we leave a thriving planet for future generations,” Me Mwesige said.


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