Government must stop Bugoma forest destruction to boost demoralised conservationists – environmentalist

Charcoal burning at the peak in the once impenetrable Bugoma Central Forest Reserve. The forest is being cut down flat to no sprouting vegetation. (Courtesy photo)

As tensions over Bugoma Central Forest Reserve destruction and boundary establishment build up in Kikuube District, I am concerned that it is breaking earlier and underway efforts to conserve forests in Bunyoro region are in limbo.

I am Kelly Herbert Aliija, a resident of Kikoonda 1 in Kabwoya sub-county, Kikuube district neighbouring Bugoma forest. I have observed that governmental and non-governmental organisations interested in promoting conservation are getting puzzled to explain to the communities why they should conserve private forests and plant more trees at home and on their land when Bugoma forest is being destroyed to sugarcane growers, charcoal burners and timber loggers.

I have witnessed this in my village because I am a concerned citizen passionate about environmental conservation basing on its importance.

I, therefore, call upon the government to stop with immediate effect all activities going on in the forest and declare a clear forest restoration programme and forestry enrichment in Bunyoro sub-region.

I know the president has powers to stop it as he declares a curfew without anybody challenging it in courts of law.

I also call for open dialogue about Bugoma forest controversy where all stakeholders discuss how the presumed public and common good resource present their views for a promising way forward.

Open this short video for Mr Kelly Herbert Aliija’s argument of key points linked from Kazi-njema News Youtube.  

Mr Kelly Herbert Aliija questions how forest conservationists can continue asking people to plant trees yet government is looking on as Bugoma central forest reserve continues to be destroyed flat to no sprouting vegetation.


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