Gov’t seeks parliament support on plastic carrier ban

The Minister for Water and Environment, Mr Sam Cheptoris, has asked Members of Parliament to support the ministry in its bid to reintroduce a total ban on polythene bags.

The minister said attempts were made to have a total ban on polythene in the country but the 10th Parliament in its wisdom banned polythene bags only below 30 microns.

In 2018, Parliament passed the National Environment Bill, 2017 banning polythene bags below 30 microns following a recommendation from the Committee on Natural Resources.

Now, as he appeared before the Parliament Committee on Human rights on Wednesday, 03 August 2022, Mr Cheptoris said that they are planning to bring back a proposal on a total ban on polythene bags and have them replaced with other environment friendly materials.

The minister said this as he responded to concerns from Terego District Woman MP, Ms Rose Obiga, who said that parts of her district especially the refugee hosting areas were littered with polythene bags of different colours.

He said that the ministry’s initial plan was to ban all polythene bags but this was defeated in Parliament.

“People are making a lot of noise about polythene bags but Parliament complicated the matter. Now, we are thinking of coming and seeing if this matter can be revisited now that we have seen the seriousness of the matter,” Mr Cheptoris said.

Audio: Cheptoris on polythene bags (English)


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