Hoima authorities condemn abortion

Albertine region police spokesperson, ASP Julius Allan Hakiza (File Photo)

As abortions secretly continue taking place in society, mothers and authorities in Hoima district are condemning the act that they say denies life to unborn babies as well as putting a woman at risk of losing life.

The condemnation follows an incidence in which an approximately eight-month old fetus was found dumped at Kiganda Cell in Kahoora Division, Hoima Town on Tuesday by a yet to be identified woman.

This heinous act incensed some women who say it is criminal, unbiblical and suicidal.

Ms Gloria Ngonzebwa, a mother, social worker and resident of Bujumbura West in Hoima town says that abortion is a barbaric act that must never be condoned by any member of society.

She wonders how a woman opts for abortion in spite of the abounding financial or social problems she is facing.

Ms Ngozebwa warns and advises young women against procuring abortion but instead seek advice and guidance from social workers and trained counsellors in case they are confounded about what to do with their pregnancies.

The social worker warns that abortion may result into death since most offenders procure it either alone or by an untrained health worker fearing to arrest since it is criminal in nature.

Ms Ngonzebwa advises young women to use the various family planning methods at their exposure in various health units in the country.

“I always wonder when young women procure abortions. It defeats my understanding when young women can’t reason that if their mothers did the same, would they have been alive? There are many things to do if a young woman is puzzled. They can reach out to us as social workers and counsellors for guidance instead of murdering a baby which God forbade. It also puts the life of a woman at risk because she can die in the course of procuring an abortion.

There are many scientific methods of preventing pregnancy like free family planning services in all government health facilities. Young women can those methods to avoid unwanted pregnancies and at the end of the day killing their children,” advises Ms Ngonzebwa.

Audio: Ngonzebwa on advice (Runyoro/Rutooro)

The social scientist also reminds young women how abortion is an ungodly act that should be shunned adding that procuring abortion is murderous.

“In the 10 commandments, God forbade murder. It you do so, how will you account for murder on the Judgement Day? Abortion is murder. How will you deal with all those curses?” She asks.

Audio: Ngonzebwa on abortion as a sin (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Mr William Kyalisiima, a theologian and Lay Reader ministering at Kiryamboga Church of Uganda in Buseruka sub – county, Hoima district says that anybody who procures abortion is against God’s purpose for the continuity of the human race.

“God has it as a blueprint for man to perpetuate the human race through procreation. Anybody who engages in procuring abortion is against God. Abortion is murder as recorded in Deuteronomy 5: 17 in the Old Testament of the bible. The act is spiritually condemned and is punishable as a sin before God,” he says.

Ms Grace Mary Kasoro, the Kiganda 1 Cell chairperson where the fetus was found dumped condemns abortion encouraging young women to always give birth but seek some elderly women for assistance in case they are faced with problems.

She says there are some old women ready to look after babies instead of the young women procuring abortion save for some babies homes that exist all over the country.

“The fetus was a real baby ready to be given birth to. I advise young women to always give birth and bring the babies to us as elderly women so that we can nurse them instead of dumping them. I can nurse any baby given to me by any young woman (mother) who feels that she can’t manage to look after it. Government allowed the establishment of babies’ homes where a mother can take her baby to be looked after without being arrested,” says Ms Kasoro.

Audio: Kasoro on abortion (Runyoro/Rutooro)

The Albertine regional police spokesperson, Mr Julius Allan Hakiza, advises married couples experiencing domestic violence that could be the probable cause of abortion to ever seek police intervention instead of procuring abortion and dumping fetuses.

The Assistant Inspector of Police (ASP) says that often times married couples have committed crimes yet they can rush to legal institutions to handle their troubling matters.

Audio: Hakiza on abortion (English)


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