Hoima, Masindi HIV hotbeds in Bunyoro – Baylor

Outgoing Executive Director Baylor Uganda, Dr Adeodata Kekitimwa.

More attention is needed to combat the shocking spread of HIV in Hoima and Masindi Districts whose statistics have gone as high as 6.6% above the national average of 5.7%.

This is among the key tasks left by Dr Adeodata Kekitimwa after 18 years of service as Baylor Uganda’s Executive Director.

“As I move to hand over office, we have together registered many achievements but there are also many challenges ahead of us but especially the one replacing me and the leaders in Bunyoro region.

The prevalence rate in Hoima and Masindi above the national average needs special attention,” she said.

The ED also cited the growing number boys having sexual intercourse before the age of 15 having increased by 5% as another area of focus in the fight against the spread of HIV in Bunyoro and Fort Portal.

Dr Kekitimwa also called upon all stakeholders and Baylor Uganda staff to intensify public dialogues on HIV to counteract the reported increase in HIV prevalence among men aged 50-54 compared to 2016-2020 statistics.

She also highlighted the need for the government to consider focusing on domestic sources of funding to sustain the services improved under Baylor projects saying that donors have already declared that they will leave the mantle to respective governments after decades of funding.

Audio: Kekitimwa on Baylor (English)

Dr Kekitimwa who has been credited for hard work and working free from corruption was speaking at a function to introduce the new Executive Director to the leaders Bunyoro held at Kontiki Hotel in Hoima city.

Dr Dithan Kiragga, the incoming Executive Director expressed his commitment to work towards fluffing the dreams of the outgoing ED and well as introducing more creative ideas.

Dr Dithan Kiragga, incoming Executive Director, Baylor Uganda.

Mr John Apollo Rwamparo, the Deputy Prime Minister Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, applauded Baylor Uganda for supporting the health sector in the kingdom.

He said works in the health sector reminds him of Bunyoro’s unique traditional medical innovations given the fact that Banyoro invented C-section prior to colonial invasion.

“Health service delivery has been Bunyoro’s priority in history. It is on record that the C-section was invented here [Bunyoro] and so, we welcome stakeholders that support our health sector,” said Mr Rwamparo.

Ms Robinah Tibakanya, the Hoima District Coordinator for Persons Living With HIV (PLWH), challenged to the incoming head of management at Baylor Uganda to ensure sustainability of the revamped and newly established networks of PLWH in Bunyoro.

According to her, Baylor Uganda has restored hope for many PLWH through supplementing on the staffing at health centres and community outreaches.

Audio: Tibakanya on Baylor (English)

The Hoima Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Mr Michael Muramira Kyakashari, said the government is committed to continue working with Baylor Uganda to improve health services.

Ms Betty Nsangi, the Accelerating Epidemic Control (ACE) Bunyoro Project Manager for Baylor Uganda, promised to maintain the working relationship with cultural, religious and local government leaders to achieve more during their project implementation.


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