Hoima politician blames deforestation on men in army uniform, UPDF refutes claim

The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) plants trees to promote environmental conservation in the Elgon Sub-region. (Image: UPDF)

The continued destruction of especially forest reserves in Uganda has raised the eyebrows of some leaders in Hoima City accusing the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) army of purportedly being behind the degradation of the woodland.

Mr Edward Isingoma, the Speaker of Hoima City Council, says in all forests being destroyed, it is claimed that the degraders are protected by the national army which would instead be the guard against the destruction.

He questions the much advocated patriotism that he says is not exhibited in protecting forests that are water catchment areas essential in regulating harsh dry weather conditions through increased rainfall and carbon sequencing.

The politician wants the government to walk the talk by ensuring that forests and other fragile ecosystems are protected against the relentless axe of the degrader.

Audio: Isingoma on UPDF army aiding forest degraders (Runyoro/Rutooro)  

However, the Bunyoro Region UPDF Public Relations Officer, Capt Geoffrey Sunday, says the UPDF does not shield any people cutting down forests but protects the forests instead.

The soldier adds that the UPDF’s commitment to guarding forests against destruction is evidenced in the deployment of its officers to back up the National Forestry Authority (NFA) in the fight for environmental protection.

Capt Sunday said that to concretise the force’s commitment to forest conservation, it reportedly embarked on planting trees everywhere.

Audio: Sunday on UPDF against environmental degradation (English)


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