Hoima RCC warns town agents against alleged extortion in PDM funds

The Hoima East Division Deputy Resident City Commissioner, Mr William Donanto Kasigazi. (Image: Samuel Baguma/Kazi-njema News)

The Hoima East Division Deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Mr William Kasigazi, says his office is awash with reports accusing town agents and cell chairpersons of purportedly extorting money from people seeking to benefit from the Parish Development Model (PDM) funds.

The RCC says he has received reports that the culprits ask for money from the intended beneficiaries to be helped in their group constitutions, registration and form filling yet the programme is meant for the active poor of the poorest.

He adds that reports indicate that some town agents ask for land titles, motorcycle cards and other documents from the intended beneficiaries during registration yet it is contrary to the stipulated guidelines.

He adds that all procedures involved in accessing PDM funds were paid for, thus, nobody should demand any single coin from the beneficiaries for any service towards the cause reminding people that town agents are paid their monthly salary for the services they render to the government.

Mr Kasigazi encourages the PDM intended beneficiaries to report such people to higher authorities for legal action since the act is criminal in nature.

Audio: Kasigazi on PDM money (Runyoro/Rutooro)

The RCC’s comments come at the time when the government has released another batch of PDM funds amounting to Shs900m after the first one that was released in June this year.


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