Hoima District Women Council Chairperson arrested, damages journalist’s phone

Detained Hoima District Women Council Chairperson, Ms Margaret Ruhiigwa. (Image: Courtesy)

Hoima police are holding the Hoima District Women Council Chairperson, Ms Margaret Ruhiigwa, for allegedly illegally selling property belonging to Hoima District Women Council.

Ms Ruhiigwa was arrested on Friday at around 3pm for purportedly selling land and 100 iron sheets that President Yoweri Museveni donated in 2009 to roof Hoima Women Council offices which they had planned to construct on their land.

She is also accused of allegedly unlawfully selling off a cow and two tractors that the president donated to develop women in Greater Hoima.

Her arrest followed women’s complaints to the Hoima Resident District Commissioner and Hoima Resident City Commissioner, Mr Emmy Ndyabagyenyi Kateera and Mr Badru Mugabi respectively.

Mr Kateera said the women again accuse their chairperson of allegedly channelling the proceeds from the sold items into her pockets yet the items were meant to improve and transform the livelihood of all women in the district.

The RDC said investigations into the matter are ongoing warning that operations to arrest government project and programme saboteurs will continue both in Hoima district and city.

Audio: Kateera on government project saboteurs (English)

Mr Mugabi, the Hoima RCC, said Ms Ruhiigwa’s arrest will act as an example to other people who misuse government funds and projects to satisfy their personal needs.

“We are here to work for people. We really want our people to fully benefit from government projects so that they can change their livelihoods. We are going to collaborate with other leaders in Hoima to iron out people who are trying to fail our projects intended to develop people,” he said.

Mr Mugabi said investigations into the matter are underway.

While being led to detention at Hoima police cells, Ms Ruhiigwa damaged Kazi-njema News reporter, Mr Gad Asaba’s smart phone in an attempt to block him from capturing her picture.

Mr Asaba opened a malicious damage case against her vide SD Ref 61/19/08/022.


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