Jailed striking teachers finally get bail in South Sudan

Detention centre in S Sudan

Six teachers who have been in detention for striking over salary increment in June have been released on bail.

They have been in Rumbek Central Prison in Lakes State without due court process since June when they were arrested with another 30 teachers from various secondary and primary schools. They rejected their January and February salary arrears that did not reflect the 100 per cent increment in their salaries as expected.

At least 30 of them were released last month but the six remained behind bars.

Early this month, Lakes State Governor General Rin Tueny Mabor ordered the state minister of education to take the six teachers to court.

Advocate David Kaman Bol, who spoke on behalf of the teachers’ defence team confirmed their release on bail.

“The county court released the five teachers on bail according to our demand to release the remaining teachers on bail, and the next court session will be on 17 August. The Public Prosecutor Attorney General released also the remaining one teacher on ground that there was no evidence against him,” Bol explained.

According to the defence lawyer, the five teachers were charged under sections 46, 80, and 86 of the South Sudan Penal Code 2008.

Bol described the arrest of the teachers as politically motivated.

“What is happening is all about politics according to my analysis and experience, and Section 80 talks about participating in public gatherings to incite violence which is different from what happened,” he said.

Source: Radio Tamzuj.


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