Kasule loses Court of Appeal case, “case time fails” Ruyonga’s “service delivery”

Mr Ismail Kasule (ANT) loses appeal to Dr Joseph Ruyonga (NRM).

The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party Coordinator for Bunyoro Region, Mr Ismail Kasule, has lost a petition he filed to the Court of Appeal challenging the victory of NRM’s Member of Parliament for West Division, Hoima City, Dr Joseph Ruyonga.

Mr Kasule, who vied for the same seat rushed to Hoima magistrates’ court challenging Dr Ruyonga’s victory in the legislative poll before appealing to High Court in Masindi where he also lost the case in a verdict read by Justice Alex Mackay Ajiji on September 28, 2022.

Being not in his favour, the ANT stalwart rushed to the Court of Appeal in which he also lost the case as per the judgement read on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, at 9:30am in Kampala.

Commenting about the verdict, Mr Kasule said the judicature betrayed the people of Hoima.

“It’s very absurd that the case that we filed to court challenging election results of my opponent has been tried unfairly. If courts of law are not neutral, the people of Hoima West will be the judges and fight for their victory. I appeal to my supporters to stay determined and fighting until we achieve the victory of West Division and nothing will push me back” he said after losing the legal battle.

However, commenting about the ruling, Dr Ruyonga said his service to the people has been spoilt by the long time he has spent battling with the case in courts of law at different levels.

“My service delivery has been blocked by court cases. I have spent much of the time in court. However, I was elected to work for the people and we should work together to develop our city,” Dr Ruyonga said.

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