Kikuube uses local revenue to monitor PDM fund activities

Kikuube District Council in progress. (Image: File)

The Kikuube District Council has unanimously resolved that the Chief Administrative Officer should start approving locally generated revenue to facilitate parish chiefs in monitoring the Parish Development Model (PDM) fund activities.

It follows the lack of funds from the centre to the lower local government to help the PDM implementers move to different parts of the district to monitor the PDM beneficiaries’ activities meant to relatively improve their financial aptitude as per the presidential initiative.

During a plenary session that sat at the district headquarters, the Finance Sectoral Committee Chairperson who is also the district councillor for Kiziramfumbi sub-county, Ms Teddy Kyomugisa, reported that PDM implementers were encountering encumbrances in executing their role due to lack of transport means to reach out to the beneficiaries dotted in different parts of their areas of jurisdiction.

She submitted that the local government should use the locally collected monies to facilitate the parish chiefs in getting to the beneficiaries so that the economic activities they are undertaking can manifestly reflect the funds they received.

Council unanimously bought the idea resolving that the Chief Administrative Officer should be remitting Shs100,000 for each parish chief per month to enable them execute their obligation and ensure that the PDM fund is used for its intended purpose.

The matter was brought into consideration reportedly following some allegations that some beneficiaries were diverting and squandering the money for instance in alcohol consumption which can culminate in failing the presidential initiative.

Mr Peter Banura, the Kikuube District Local Government Chairman, said it is important for the PDM implementers to be considered in that manner since they are not facilitated for the programme yet it is significant to help the beneficiaries to bolster their income using the funds.

He said the district politicians and technocrats took to the resolution after it was realised that some of the beneficiaries were observed heading to the helm of failing to be in position of refunding the money in future if they are not properly guided.

With some areas in the district being hard-to-reach, the district boss said it is incumbent upon the local government to lend a hand to the parish chiefs to ease their work.

Audio: Banura on facilitating PDM implementers (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Kikuube district has so far earmarked approximately Shs3m from locally generated revenue to monitor and sensitise the beneficiaries about how to use the money they got from the programme.


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