Kissing at traditional marriage annoys Bunyoro elders

Mr Augustine Gunjunzire Omubbyedo, the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Chief for Bugambe Sub-county in Kikuube District.

As western culture continues to gain ground in Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom and elsewhere in Africa, many elders are grieving in silence and powerlessness to resist the intruder.

Most disturbing include kissing and open dance in front of the in-laws which is an abomination in Bunyoro culture.

Speaking to Kazi-njema News, Mr Augustine Gunjunzire Omubbyedo, the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Chief for Bugambe Sub-county, says he has lost interest in attending marriage ceremonies due to culturally shameful activities conducted under the umbrella of modernity.

“Even some people who appear to be understanding are seen kissing their partners in front of the mother-in-law. They dance as if they are in a disco which our forefathers never did,” he says.

Mr Gunjunzire says as a kingdom they condemn such acts and calls upon the host clans to hesitate giving out their daughters to husbands who display such a kind of moral decadency.

“In the past, a husband could only politely advance to the in-laws before kneeling down to request to be accepted as a new son in the family. Nowadays, the way they dance to the extent of kissing each other on some occasions is a shame,” he adds with nostalgia of the past.

Mr Gunjunzire further calls upon his fellow sub-county chiefs to condemn such immoral behaviours whenever they get a platform.

Audio: Gunjunzire on immoral acts at marriage ceremonies (Runyoro/Rutooro)
A man performs Runyege (Love) Dance in Bunyoro.

Meanwhile, Bunyoro cultural dance groups have also been complaining of being denied or given limited space to perform at traditional marriage functions yet they could be the most relevant.

“Even during budgeting, little money is allocated for cultural dance. You find a big budget allocated to secular artists forgetting that it is a traditional function where I think culture would get more space”, says Mr Vincent Nyegenya, Executive Director for Professional Pearls Troupe.

Last year, Hajji Burhan Kyakuhaire, the Special Assistant on Culture in the office of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Prime Minister, urged young people to always seek guidance from elders to avoid practices that degrade culture.

However, Mr Job Kasigwa, a youth residing in Kiganda cell, Hoima city argues that cultural dance is boring and some modernity is needed to make the function colourful.

Mr Denis Kaija, a social affairs analyst in Hoima city, warns that the world is facing a challenge of the growing sense of mixing secular affairs with culture.

“We are destined to total moral decay as long as we continue failing to segregate culture, sate, religion and secular affairs and keep them identifiable as distinct in objectives and foundational pillars.  Our culture might never be traced again,” he says.

According to him, much as culture is dynamic, the speed is too much in favour of western culture whose agenda in normally contrary to African culture.

Audio: Cultural song (Runyoro/Rutooro)

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  1. It’s only semi literate people who ignores their culture and customs & follow for Invaders, manipulator & imperialists, even if you go to England these people embrace their culture not ours now why drop yours in favour of theirs??? Does it mean yours bastardized??? Or we hate ourselves?? The fact that you ignore your culture and move with that of foreigners it’s a sign you hate yourself and your background, such pipo need to be taught there history very well so as to love themselves.


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