Masindi beneficiaries reject poor breed goa

Some of the contested procured goats in Miirya sub-county delivered at Kigezi health health centre in Masindi District on Monday.

Beneficiaries from seven villages in Miirya Sub-county, Masindi District have rejected goats that were procured under the District Development Discretion Grant (DDEG).

The beneficiaries cited poor breed and unbudgeted for technologies.

Miirya sub-county authorities procured more than 100 goats at Shs22m for the elderly, Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), People Living with HIV (PLWH), the youth and orphans.

The beneficiaries from Kigezi, Kyarwakya, Kinumi, Rwemigaali, Kitwetwe, Bisenyi and Kijogoro villages also wondered how the sub-county authorities delivered only 92 pregnant goats against 153 goats.

They say the goats were delivered at Kigezi Health Centre 2.

The female youth councillor for Miirya sub-county, Silvia Katwesige, says the sub-county council budgeted Shs32m under DDEG to procure two Friesian cows at Shs2m each and 153 goats at Shs150, 000 each.

“As a leader, I can’t encourage my constituents to take those goats because they can’t move them out of poverty”, she said.

Fred Balijuka, a beneficiary from Kinumi village rejected the goats saying they were diseased and could infect his indigenous goats at home.

Although the Miirya sub-county chief, Haman Bikuru laboured to convince the beneficiaries to accept the goats, his words fell on deaf ears.

When contacted for a comment, the sub-county veterinary officer, Angalia Kony insisted that the goats were high breed adding that the authorities procured the recommended quality.

Kony said ¾ goats were exotic from South Africa.

“The authorities included cross breeds to improve local breeds within the sub-county. Beneficiaries should know that the price of improved breeds is always higher than local breeds,” she explained.

Asked about delivering a less number of goats as expected, Kony said the authorities would deliver the remaining batch on December 19 this year.

Haman Bikuru, the sub-county chief said the supplier was ordered to take back the goats and get a better quality before being paid.

However, he said the sub-county authorities would allow beneficiaries willing to take the already procured goats.

The matter was first raised by Miirya sub-county Community Monitoring Group (CMG) trained by Recreation for Development and Peace (RDP) for quality service delivery.


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