Minister directs Buliisa CAO to immediately effect construction of ferry users’ toilet

The only public pit latrine that was submerged by the flood of Lake Albert (Mwitanzige) at Wanseko landing site in Kigwera Sub-county, Buliisa District.

Works and Transport State Minister, Mr Fred Byamukama, has directed the Buliisa Chief Administrative Officer to immediately earmark funds for the emergency construction of a public toilet to cater for the Wanseko-Panyimur ferry users.

His directive follows concerns from the ferry users at Wanseko landing site in Kigwera sub-county, Buliisa district who told him that during the course of using the vessel, passengers do not have any place of convenience.

This is after the one they were using was inundated by the water of Lake Albert locally known as Mwitanzige more than two years ago in a second episode of flood that once hit the lake shore in 1963.

The minister wondered how passengers could wait for the vessel’s arrival at the landing site devoid of a public toilet yet nature calls at any time.

Such a situation can be a spur of spreading bilharzia and diarrhoeal diseases like cholera and dysentery for it is not uncommon for majority Lakers there to ease themselves in the water despite posing a health danger exposing them to catching intestinal infections.

The minister was on his supervision of government transport projects in Buliisa and Hoima districts.

The Wanseko-Panyimur ferry connects Bunyoro and West Nile regions at Wanseko landing site and Panyimur in Buliisa and Pakwach districts respectively.

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