Ministry directed on deleting public servants from payroll, Mugasa pledges appeal

Public Service State Minister, Ms Grace Mary Mugasa (L) during a Parliamentary Committee of Public Service and Local Government.

Members of Parliament on the Committee of Public Service and Local Government have asked the Ministry of Public Service to engage the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development to reconsider a directive of deleting public servants who missed the recent verification exercise from the payroll.

During the meeting with Public Service State Minister, Ms Grace Mary Mugasa, and her Permanent Secretary Catherine Bitarakwate, the latter said she Permanent Secretary and Secretary to the Treasury, Mr Ramathan Ggoobi, wrote a halting recruitment and filling of vacant positions and non-inclusion of the workers who missed the verification exercise on the payroll.

“In Financial Year 2022/2023, there were a lot of malpractices across the payroll and, so, we experienced a lot of wage shortfalls and a lot of supplementary. In addition to that. It is a new regime with a target of bringing clarity and budget execution discipline,” she said.

Ms Bitarakwate revealed that in the last five years, they have experienced wage shortfalls shortly after the budget is released and cash limits issued.

“The Ministry of Finance has been bringing them to this August House for issuance of supplementary. So, the question is if we are spending over Sh7 trillion, where is it going? If we are budgeting annually, why is it not enough, who is actually being paid?” Ms Bitarakwate said.

Adding: “That is why we picked on a physical head count. This was an activity with an attempt to reconcile what was in the payroll between the Ministries of Publi Service and Finance and the accounting officers of all these entities including their Human Resources and head of planning. The figures still did not make 100 per cent sense and we are expecting a full report next week.”

However, the Committee Chairperson, Mr Martin Mapenduzi, said that the Permanent Secretary and Secretary to Treasury ought to consult with the Ministry of Public Service before taking any action.

“We need you to prevail over the matter. There are key issues that need to be discussed,” he said.

Ms Mugasa pledged to engage the Permanent Secretary and Secretary to Treasury saying some workers could have missed out with valid reasons.

“The concern on immediate deletion from payroll is serious. I will negotiate for an appeal window,” she said.

The Ministry of Finance conducted a physical validation exercise of public servants across the country with the aim of addressing the issue of ghost workers among others.


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