MultiChoice Uganda starts internet based television

MultiChoice has launched a new refreshed internet-based TV service dubbed “Showmax” available to stream using apps for smartphones, smart TVs, computers, tablets, media players and gaming consoles.

MultiChoice head of marketing, Mr Collin Asiimwe, says that the company continues to take strides that enable the business to remain relevant to its customers.

“Showmax is an internet TV service that boasts of a unique combination of hit African content, first and exclusive international series, the best kids’ shows and live sport. This internet-bases TV streaming service is available in a host of over 70 African countries including Uganda.The entertainment industry is very dynamic and has witnessed several game-changing interruptions and moulding including the delivery of entertainment and TV over the internet. To remain relevant to our subscribers, we must do two things: one is to be 5 steps ahead of the pacj or constantly and instantaneously evolve as things change, says Mr Asiimwe.”

He adds: “Technology coupled with internet connectivity from time to time has dictated how different industries are currently being operated, thus, employing it is key influencing the delivery in enabling us to continually broaden our scope while remaining relevant as we serve our vast customers across the country and in the global markets where MultiChoice is operating.”

MultiChoice Public Relations and Communications Manager, Ms Joan Semanda Kizza, says “Showmax monthly subscription is affordable and goes for as low as UGX14,000 on Showmax Mobile and UGX28,000 on Showmax Standard. It is payable via Visa, MasterCard or PayPal credit and does not include data or internet.”

Ms Semanda said, “MultiChoice Uganda is pleased to launch Showmax in Uganda to enable us to offer our customers a range of TV entertainment options, especially at a time as this while being cognizant of the current times when families are together. New subscribers will receive a two week trial period when they first initiate the service.”

“In addition, there will also be an announcement when, to thank our Premium subscribers for their continued commitment to us, the service will free as a value-added service for them. For a single monthly fee, get unlimited access. Start and stop when you want. No ads. Cancel anytime – there;s no contract.”

Stream Showmax using apps for smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, computers, media players and gaming consoles. Manage data consumption using the bandwidth capping feature. No internet? No problem – download shows to smartphones and tablets to watch later offline.

Over the years and in the advent of COVID-19, the disruption the entertainment industry has witnessed is phenomenal and has seen the extensive employment of technology as well as the internet for TV.


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