Museveni urges scouts to join efforts to restore environment

President Museveni closes the National Scouts Camp at the Kaazi camping site in Wakiso District. (Image: PPU)

Following a spell of global climate challenges, the government of Uganda will soon share strategies for the restoration of the environment and natural resources, reveals President Yoweri Museveni.

Speaking Wednesday during the closing ceremony of the National Scouts Camp at the scouts’ home in Kaazi, Wakiso District; the president observed that climate, environmental as well as poverty challenges are emanating from people’s inadequate application of the abundant African resources.

Pointing to the different global challenges including the prolonged heat wave in Europe and the dry spell in Uganda that culminated in famine in isolated parts of the country, Mr Museveni urged the scouts to teach people to work for food security and income generation using the resources at their hand.

“We should also involve the issue of environment,” he said.

He used the day to announce that the government has made plans to restore the environment in an effort to achieve food security.

“Government will come up with a plan to fully restore our environment here. Once we are done, you will see the environment,” he added.

President Museveni has consistently stressed that over-depending on rainfall and the degraded ecosystem is posed jeopardy to Uganda’s economy in the face of climate challenges.

Uganda’s wetlands have declined from 15% to 9% under 30 years while forest cover now stands at 9% as of 2015 down from 45% before independence.

Government efforts previously have ensures that the forest cover climbs to 13%.

Notwithstanding, at least four million Ugandans live around wetlands and depend on them for food security.

At least 2,873 scouts attended the five-day camp in which 39 scouts were awarded a wood badge which is the equivalent of a degree level.

The scouts participated in game competitions, parade organisation, talent and cultural shows, music, dance and drama.


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