Muslims advised to acquire titles for Mosque land

Muslim faithful during Eid al Adha prayers at Bwikya Mosque - the seat of Bunyoro Muslim District in Hoima City on Wednesday, June 28, 2023. (Image: Samuel Baguma/Kazi-njema News)

By Samuel Baguma & Dinah Kembabazi

The Bunyoro-Tooro Muslim Regional Secretary, Mr Eid Magezi, has urged Muslim clerics, leaders and faithful in the Muslim region to protect mosque land that is being encroached on in different parts of the district.

Addressing Muslims who gathered for Eid Adha prayers at Bwikya Muslim headquarters on Wednesday, June 28, 2023, Mr Magezi urged them to ensure that they acquire titles for all pieces of land belonging to mosques to stop further encroachment by both institutions and individual persons.

Citing Parajwoki and Kibiingo and Kibbararu mosques among others in Hoima and Kikuube districts respectively as their land having already been encroached on, the secretary attributed the incident to the Muslim’s laxity to acquire titles for their land.

He said to avoid further encroachment on Mosque land, there is need for combined efforts by all stakeholders to provide the required resources to see the process of acquiring a land title becomes a success.

Audio: Magezi on Mosque land (English)

Preaching at the same function, the Hoima Muslim District Kadhi, Sheikh Musa Babanja, urged the Muslims to stop internal strife to create deep-rooted love among the faithful emulating Prophet Mohammed (PBUH – Peace Be Upon Him).  

Audio: Babanja on brotherhood (English)

Mr Badru Mugabi, the Hoima Resident City Commissioner, called for vigilance and inform security agencies in case they identify any suspected wrong elements in the community.

Audio: Mugabi on security (English)


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