National NRM vice chairman urges Hoima LC 5 flag contenders to proceed with campaigns

NRM party National Vice Chairman, Al-Hajji Moses Kigongo. (Image: Internet)

Following engagements chaired by the National Vice Chairperson for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, Al-Hajji Moses Kigongo, the six candidates who shunned the Hoima LC 5 seat by-election campaign rallies last week have been asked to return to the field since the party will not allocate them extract campaign time.

Mr Michael Muramira Kyakashari, the Hoima Deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC), has told Kazi-njema online radio reporter that their meeting today (Sunday) has resolved that those who want to proceed should harmonise tomorrow (Monday), August 14, 2023, at 9am and resume to save time.

Audio: Kyakashari on meeting and campaigns (Runyoro/Rutooro)

According to the RDC, Al-Hajji Kigongo did not have any objection to the roadmap approved for Mr Uthman Mubaraka Mugisha – the only candidate who chose to continue with the initial campaign road map for the NRM party primaries.

Al-Haji Kigongo has been in Hoima for two days to experience the rising political temperature for Hoima LC5 NRM by-election after the demise of Kadiri Kirungi who died in a road crash in March this year.

During a phone to phone interview with this news website, Ms Hellen Mulumba, the Secretary for Finance on the Hoima NRM District Executive Committee (DEC), said as resolved during the meeting, the six candidates who had boycotted the campaign will be expected to return to Hoima district NRM offices to draw a new roadmap for their campaigns as long as they are willing to continue.

Audio: Mulumba on meeting & campaigns (Runyoro/Rutooro)

The closed door meetings ended insisting that no matter the challenges met along the way, the party by-election will take place on August 25, 2023, as earlier set.

However, the resolution has not killed hopes for the six candidates to meet President Museveni as they requested and scheduled for mid this month.

Mr Yunus Mugabe, the spokesperson for the six candidates who shunned the campaigns citing irregularities could not be reached by press time since his known mobile phone number was off.

However, in his latest communication with Kazi-njema online radio, he said they still held to their stand of waiting to meet the president who is also the party chairman.

During the meeting mediated by the party Electoral Commission Chairman, Dr Tanga Odoi at Kolping Hotel just a few days before Al-Haji Kigongo’s meeting held at Miika Eco Resort Hotel, the candidates agreed with the similar resolution but shortly later called a press briefing where they distanced themselves from the meeting and accused Dr Odoi of bias.


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