New constituency increases Emyooga funds in Nwoya

Mr Kenneth Kitara, the Nwoya District Commercial Officer. (Photo: Kazi-njema News).

The Nwoya District Commercial Officer (DCO), Mr Kenneth Kitara, says the creation of a new Nwoya East constituency has increased more money from Emyooga Fund.

The DCO reveals that the funds have doubled from Shs560,000 to Shs1.1m following the creation of the new constituency recently.

Now, the district has set a target of 200 groups to benefit from the programme. By today (Thursday), a total of 168 groups had already been registered with a deadline for the remaining number set up to tomorrow (Friday).

Mr Kitara says the development is significant because a bigger number of people will benefit from the funds.

“Previously, we had groups in one constituency but now we have two. This means the number of groups has increased. I believe this is great a boost in ensuring that many people from the community will benefit from the programme and the eligible groups will make good use of the time to pick the forms so that they don’t miss out,” the commercial officer says.

Emyooga is a presidential initiative on wealth creation targeting 17 special economic clusters such as boda-boda riders, women entrepreneurs, carpenters, salon operators, journalists, taxi operators and restaurant associations among others for the new Sacco financing regime.


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