NRM joint campaigns fail in Hoima LC5 chairmanship by-election

Hoima District LC 5 candidates address a joint press briefing at Kolping Hotel in Hoima City on Monday, August 7, 2023. Left is Mr Yunus Mugabe while far right is Mr James Mugenyi Mulindambura. (Image: Gad Asaba/Kazi-njema News)

Six of the seven nominated National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidates in the Hoima District Chairman by-election, have voted to suspend the joint campaigns citing violence and bribery.

The election follows the demise of the former district Chairman, Kadiri Kirungi, who died in a car crash in March this year.

During a press conference at Hoima Kolping Hotel in Hoima city last (Monday) evening, the candidates said joint campaigns are marred by violence mainly perpetrated by thugs from Hoima city.

Mr Yunus Mugabe who is among the candidates, expressed fear that due to corruption and violence that looks to be schematised to benefit some politicians, it may result in bloodshed.

He vowed never to participate in the joint campaigns unless they are returned to order to allow democratic campaigns.

Audio: Mugabe on suspended joint campaigns (English)

Mr Jackson Mugenyi Mulindambura, called for the intervention of the NRM party Electoral Commission Chairman, Dr Tanga Odoi.

He also noted that many candidates are behaving contrary to the party rules.

Mr Vincent Muhumuza popularly known as Savanna, who is another candidate, expressed grave concern about the candidates’ security at rallies due to violence perpetrated by supporters of some candidates.

 “Some influential NRM party members from outside Hoima district have unfortunately done a lot to distablise the joint campaigns forgetting that they are tarnishing the image of the party.”

Early today, Kazi-njema news reporter had a one-to-one interview with Mr John Kwemara, one of the candidates who accused Mr Muhumuza and Mr Uthuman Mubaraka Mugisha, son to the late chairman Kirungi for ferrying boda-boda riders and drunkards from Hoima city who disrupt speeches of other candidates.

Audio: Kwemara on suspended joint campaigns (Runyoro/Rutooro)

The two accused candidates separately denied the accusations.

Mr Moses Mutagwa and Mr Mugabe have reportedly never attended any of the joint campaigns.

The candidates in the race include Mr Mulindambura, Mr Muhumuza, Mr Mugabe, Mr Mutagwa, Mr Kwemara, Mr Mugisha and Mr Samwiri Byaruhanga commonly known as Kyakadongo.

It was only Mr Mugisa who did not attend the press conference that announced the suspension of the joint campaigns.

These candidates were given only 23 days to conduct their joint campaigns which jammed on the 5th day.


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