Oilwatch Africa wants socio-ecological protection as oil activities progress in Uganda

Oil drilling activity underway.

As oil and gas activities roll in the Albertine Grabben, all stakeholders are urged and encouraged to ensure that they promote environmental conservation, protect human rights and mitigate climate change in Uganda.

Oilwatch Africa says being resolute in defending the environment and preserving the socio-ecological values and resilience will promote good health among the people of Uganda besides providing a better environment for biodiversity.

They cite the UNESCO-designated Ramsar sites and forests, national parks, lakes and rivers among other protected areas as being affected by the oil projects.

“These oil and gas projects are also contrary to the country’s commitments as obliged under the Paris Agreement, Kyoto Protocol and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” the statement says.

A statement signed by the organisation’s members from five countries including Namibia, Swaziland, Kenya, South Africa and Kenya says oil and gas extraction in Uganda will be short-lived but will leave damage in the country.

“We note that oil and gas resources are not renewable and their exploration and exploitation leave an irreparable scars on both people and planet. Moreover, the resources in Uganda will only last a couple of decades if exploited. They will also leave damages that will have intergenerational impacts,” Oilwatch Africa says.

This was during a meeting with Civil Society Organisations in Kampala.


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