Omugo of Bunyoro – Kitara lashes out at kingdom critics

Bunyoro - Kitara Kingdom Prime Minister, Mr Andrew Byakutaaga (L) and the Bishop of Hoima Catholic Diocese, Rt Rev Vincent Kirabo (R) observe social distance attending Omukama Iguru's thanksgiving service at St Peter's Cathedral (COU), Duhaga in Hoima Town on Thursday, June 11, 2020.

The Omugo (queen) of Bunyoro – Kitara Kingdom, Her Majesty Margaret Karunga,
has lashed out at kingdom critics who always blame the duty bearers for failing
to develop the cultural institution.

Speaking at the scientific thanksgiving service for the cancelled 26
coronation (Empango) anniversary celebration at St Peter’s Church of Uganda
Cathedral, Duhaga in Hoima Town today (Thursday), the queen said often times
people go on air accusing the kingdom trustees of failing to develop the
monarchy yet they hold a stake in the cause.

The angry speaking Royal Majesty urged the critics to join hands with
kingdom duty bearers to drive the kingdom to greater heights.

She asked the subjects to embrace the kingdom’s development projects and
those with unique project ideas to forward them to the kingdom administration
instead of dwelling on the past challenges the institution encountered.

“You are a Munyoro born here in Bunyoro but you can’t say anything that can
develop the kingdom. You are saying the Baganda are above us. Every time you
are lamenting that kingdom officials swindled the money meant for the radio
station. This beats my understanding. If the kingdom does not have any project,
you bring it forward and we see if it will be rejected.If the money was
swindled, you establish a radio project for the kingdom,” the Omugo charged.

“By lamenting that the Baganda are above Banyoro is wrong. They developed
their own kingdom. You also develop yours. You should love your kingdom. If I
have spoken badly, I ask for forgiveness, but I am not happy at all,” she

Omukama of Bunyoro – Kitara Kingdom, Rukirabasaija Agutamba Dr Solomon Iguru and Omugo Margaret Karunga

Speaking at the same service, the kingdom Prime Minister, Mr Andrew Byakutaaga, said the kingdom radio and television station projects were expected in the near future.

Presiding over the service, the Bishop of Bunyoro – Kitara Diocese, the Rt Rev Samuel Kahuma Abwoli, called upon kingdom subjects to develop a good attitude towards the king and the kingdom, work hard and embrace unity since they are pillars that will strengthen Bunyoro.

He also urged them to desist from domestic violence saying it is not a solution of addressing family misunderstandings.

In the same vein, the Bishop of Hoima Catholic Diocese, the Rt Rev Vincent Kirabo, called for more efforts in perpetuating education saying it is among the key drivers that spur socio-economic development in any society.

The scientific thanksgiving service was attended by a handful of invited guests including retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev Stanley Ntagali and the senior presidential advisor on oil and gas who is also the chairman of the kingdom’s Royal Commission, Dr Frederick Kabagambe Kaliisa among others.

This year’s Empango anniversary celebration and all activities conducted during this period were cancelled to avoid the spread of coronavirus that has hit the entire globe.


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