Pork, chicken eaters in danger over abuse of ARVs – Baylor warns

Outgoing Baylor Uganda Executive Director, Dr Adeodata Kekitimwa.

The Executive Director for Baylor Uganda warned of the growing risk of drug resistance and other consequent health effects among pork and chicken eaters due to increasing reports of abuse of ARVs to fatten pigs and chicken.

While speaking to Bunyoro leaders in Hoima city, Dr Adeodata Kekitimwa, called upon leaders to prioritise monitoring piggery and poultry farmers to combat the growing public health danger.

According to her, there is evidence of abuse of ARVs detected through identification of ARVs drug resistance amongst persons that have never been initiated on Anti-retroviral Treatment (ART).

Audio: Kekitimwa on abuse of ARVs (English)
Roasted pork and chicken eaters are at risk of ARVs drug resistance after it emerged that people are abusing the drug to fatten pigs and chicken.

The news emerges as the number of pork and chicken frying and selling joints increase rapidly in Bunyoro’s urban centres alongside bars and whorehouses.


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