Rebels kill 15 gov’t soldiers in South Sudan

A group of rebel forces ambushed a military convoy in South Sudan’s Unity State, killing 15 government soldiers, a local official, has said.

Wuor Weah, who is in charge of information in Mayom County, has told the press that the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) convoy came under attack from the rebel group South Sudan People’s Movement/ Army (SSPM/A), led by General Stephen Buay Rolnyang.

The attack was carried out between Thiebder and kotong areas in Mayom County on Tuesday morning.

“We had a military convoy of three 3 vehicles that came from Juba that came under attack. They killed 15 people and wounded two others from the government side,” Keah said.

Keah claimed that the military convoy had both soldiers and civilian passengers.

For his part, Luk Gattiek Gai, Gen. Stephen Buay’s press secretary, said seven of teir soldiers were also killed during the ambush.

 Gatttiek further said their fighters also destroyed military vehicles and seized weapons and ammunition.

“The government forces moved from Juba to Mayom County through Ajakuach area in Warrap State two days ago. The military convoy was carrying weapons and ammunition to launch a military operation against our forces in Mayom,” Gattiek said.

“So, we were aware of the force that was coming to attack us… The killing of civilians on the SSPDF convoy is a false allegation because the vehicles were full of soldiers,” he added.

On 22 July, the same rebel group claimed responsibility for an attack on the headquarters of Mayom County, which resulted in the killing of at least 12 people, including the county commissioner.

The group was formed in May 2021.

Source: Radio Tmazuj.


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