Residents advised to observe good health as CNOOC boosts healthcare in Kikuube

A Chinese health worker attends to a patient child at Buhuka landing site of Lake Albert in Buhuka Parish, Kyangwali Sub-county in Kikuube District during a free medical camp organised by CNOOC and the Chinese medical team on August 22, 2023. (Image: Samuel Baguma/Kazi-njema News)

The Hoima Regional Referral Hospital Director, Dr Sophie Namasopo, has advised the people of Kikuube District to ensure that they observe a high degree of good feeding, change their lifestyle and also observe hygiene and sanitation to avoid developing and acquiring communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Communicable diseases are illnesses spread from one person to one another for instance diarrhoea, HIV and tuberculosis among others while Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are diseases that do not spread from one person to another. Examples include cancer, hypertension and diabetes among others.

Speaking during the CNOOC free medical camp at Buhuka Health Centre 2, Buhuka landing site of Lake Albert in Kyangwali sub-county, Kikuube district, the physician told the gathering that adherence and non-adherence to health workers’ advice towards preventing catching diseases has a bearing on one’s health.

She said to achieve good results about combating communicable and non-communicable diseases requires every person’s input so that collectively they can be dealt with medically for healthy communities of Kikuube district.

Dr Namasopo appreciated CNOOC – a Chinese oil giant developing the Kingfisher oil project in Kikuube for providing clean and safe gravity water at Buhuka landing site of Lake Albert where water is an issue since they inhabitants have for donkey’s years been consuming the highly unsafe lake water which when drunk without treatment, leads to diseases like bilharzia and cholera.

The medic also appreciated the oil company for organising the free medical camp that saw a big number of people go for the services at the lake shore.

Audio: Namasopo on diseases (English)

The Hoima Regional Referral Hospital Director, Dr Sophie Namasopo, addresses people at the CNOOC organised free medical camp at Buhuka landing site in Kyangwali Sub-county, Kikuube District on August 22, 2023. (Image: Samuel Baguma/Kazi-njema News)

The Kikuube District Local Government Vice Chairman, Mr Vincent Alpha Opio, noted that CNOOC has been at the forefront of improving health since it began its operations in the area by providing clean water to the populace, equipping pBuhuka Health Centre 3 with medical stores, keeping the environment clean and now organising a medical camp which offered a variety of services which many could not afford.

The politician revealed that CNOOC was at the helm of fighting cholera outbreaks at the shoreline of Lake Albert in the district that left the Lakers killed while others survived by a whisker.

However, he challenged especially the technocrats supervised by politicians to ensure that they make regular visits to oil hosting communities in the district mobilising and sensitising about the vitality of good health among themselves through good sanitary and hygiene standards at their places of abode.

Audio: Opio on health (English)

CNOOC Vice President, Mr Wang Jufeng, said access to healthcare is a fundamental right that the company is committed to observing to realise a positive impact on the population as part of their Social Corporate Responsibility (SCR).

He said the company will continue working closely with the local population in different aspects like health like it has done with the free medical camp partnering with the Chinese medical team, environment and education for the people’s socio-economic transformation at Buhuka landing site and those around the oil feeder pipeline.

Audio: Wang on CNOOC (English)

CNOOC has been supporting a wide range of activities in Bunyoro region like sponsoring Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Amasaza Football Cup, awarding scholarships to school age going children, supporting Empango celebrations and construction and renovation of schools and hospitals.

Mr Sam Mugisa, the Social Affairs Coordinator at the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU), encouraged the local people to embrace all the services provided by CNOOC for them to benefit from the oil they host and other activities. 


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