Rift Valley Fever claims one in Kagadi, WHO intervenes

Pathology of Rift Valley Fever as put by Dr Sampurna Roy.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) yesterday (Thursday) convened an emergency meeting with Kagadi district officials to chat a way forward towards containing further spread of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) that has claimed the life of one person in the area.

Dr Fred Ssewankambo, the WHO representative told this online news portal that efforts are being made to engage stakeholders in the fight against the disease that killed Tuesday, a one Justus Mugisha, a herdsman at Kihuura village in Mabaale sub-county, Kagadi district and a born of Ntoroko district.

The medic says the district health office and district health task force have been told to engage private sectors to join the fight against the contagious viral disease before it turns out into an epidemic.

He pledged WHO’s full support to the district to deflect the outbreak.

Sound bite: Ssewankambo on RVF (English)

The WHO physician says RVF is seen in domesticated animals like goats, sheep, cattle, camels and buffalos in sub-Saharan Africa adding that one can get infected through contact with blood, body fluids or tissues of infected animals or through bites from infected mosquitoes.

Dr Ssewankambo says the disease manifests itself with fever, body weakness, dizziness and swollen brain tissues.

He advises people to sleep under mosquito nets and also isolate themselves from animals in addition to vaccinating their animals.

It is in this context that the Kagadi Resident District Commissioner, Ms Lillian Ruteraho, urges people to stop consuming animal products like meat and milk among others as a measure to prevent the spread of the disease.

Sound bite: Ruteraho on RVF (Runyankole/Rukiga)

The Kagadi District Chairman, Mr Yosia Ndibwami, says health personnel have collected samples of contacts of the deceased and the animals he was grazing for immediate action.

Sound bite: Ndibwami on RVF (Runyoro/Rutooro)

RVF was first identified in Kenya around the East African Rift Valley from where it derived its name.


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