Ruwenzori Diocese to adopt Runyoro/Rutooro zoom service

The Rt Rev Reuben Kisembo, Bishop of Ruwenzori Diocese. (Courtesy photo).

Ruwenzori Diocese will soon incorporate the Runyoro/Rutooro zoom service in the Sunday services during this COVID-19 period.

Addressing journalists yesterday (Friday) the Bishop of Ruwenzori Diocese (Anglican), the Rt Rev Reuben Kisembo, said that the idea of the zoom service originated from the Kampala Chaplaincy of Ruwenzori Diocese following the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent closure of churches.

Government has kept places of worship closed since March 18, when President Yoweri Museveni banned congregational prayers and all forms of social gatherings to stop the spread of coronavirus.

This forced many Christians to resort to praying via radio, television, social media platforms and other remote collaboration conduits.

Kampala Chaplaincy of Ruwenzori Diocese was established in 2001 after the consecration and enthronement of the Rt Rev Benezeri Tibenderana Kisembo, the fourth bishop of the diocese.

This is done with intent to keep Christians of the diocese abreast with diocesan programmes so that they can meaningfully contribute to its development through financial, material and moral support.

Bishop Kisembo said that “the chaplaincy leaders urged the diocese to expand the online Runyoro/Rutooro service to incorporate the Batooro communities around the world”.

The prelate added that “the online service is part of the long-term media strategy to engage the Tooro community in the Ministry also through radio and television.”

Four months back, Ruwenzori Diocese has been piloting the idea by holding the weekly Zoom Sunday services from 3-5 pm.

So far, the service has attracted more than 200 people from the United Kingdom, China, South Africa, USA and Australia.

According to Bishop Kisembo, the Runyoro/Rutooro global zoom service which will be launched on Sunday will continue even after the ban on prayer houses has been lifted.

Ms Monica Rubombora, one of the Batooro working in South Africa says that the start of the online service is a dream come true for most of the Batooro outside Uganda explaining that they “have been longing to congregate with their fellows from around the globe to pray in their mother tongue.”


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