Spice FM launches free platform for political campaigns

Political campaign dialogue takes place at HB Hotel in Hoima City. (Photo: Kazi-njema News)

Spice FM radio in Hoima City has launched a free on-air and online platform to overcome the communication constraints during this political campaigns period marred with restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launched today (Sunday) at HB Hotel in Hoima City using direct connection from its studios on the opposite building, all the five contenders of Hoima City East Division Constituency were present except Eng Jonard Asiimwe.

However, he was given an opportunity to deliberate on phone.

Ms Doreen Alituha Mpabaisi (Photo: Kazi-njema News)

His rival NRM primary elections contenders include: Ms Doreen Alituha Mpabaisi, Rev John Kitaliibara, Mr Samuel Tumusiime and Mr John Byakutaaga Wamaani.

During a 10-minute duration allocated to each, summarising the presentation in English language was mandatory in the last two minutes.

This is a method of testing one’s ability to deliberate in Parliament in case they are given a mandate, according to Mr Fred Byenkya, Spice FM’s Programme Director, who also moderated the dialogue.

Mr Samuel Tumusiime (Photo: Kazi-njema News)

Seeking redress to the historical injustices against Bunyoro, improving education, addressing unemployment challenge, promoting unity and ensuring the establishment of a public university in Bunyoro, are some of the pledges the contenders made.

Ms Alituha, the only female contestant in this gender-open NRM race appreciated the opportunity saying it reduces their costs to pay for radio programmes to be able to talk to the electorates.

Rev John Kitaliibara (Photo: Kazi-njema News)

Mr Andrew Mega Kaahwa, Spice FM station manager says that the radio management have designated two hours for contestants at different political positions regardless of the political party affiliations.

This will be conducted three times a week throughout the campaigns in the entire region with focus on Hoima and Kikuube districts.

Mr John Byakutaaga Wamaani (Photo: Kazi-njema News)

According to him, the arrangement is intended to provide an opportunity for contenders who cannot afford to purchase air time on radio and allow the audience to judge the capacity of the candidates.

“We understand that gatherings were prohibited due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many contestants cannot afford air time for all the times they need to talk to the electorates,” he says.

“This promotes the right to freedom of access to information”, he adds.

Mr Fred Byenkya, Spice FM’s Programme Director (Photo: Kazi-njema News)


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