State House launches Bunyoro industrial hub

Working Grader at construction site

Bunyoro industrial hub has been launched at Myeba Village in Kimengo Sub-county, Masindi District.

The 100 acre-piece of land offered by the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) is part of the 23-square miles of the Authority launched by the president’s office on Wednesday.

Launching the hub, State House Comptroller, Ms Lucy Nakyobe, a number of activities will be done on the hub including skilling the people of Bunyoro and also teaching them about value addition.

She said government would also acquire four more acres of land where the people of Bunyoro will be taught how to develop the four-acre-model system that the president encourages farmers to embrace.

The comptroller said it is on this hub that will be well-equipped that people will engage in carpentry, tailoring, knitting, shoe making and stone cutting among others under the skilling programme.

Ms Nakyobe said there will be equality in distributing opportunities for Bunyoro beneficiaries.

“The centre being in Masindi doesn’t mean the host district will take a lion’s share. Selection of the beneficiaries will depend on the population within the district,” she said.

Ms Nakyobe continued that State House role is to set up the industrial park before handing it over to the governing council comprising technocrats and politicians as members selected from Bunyoro Sub-region.

She challenged politicians and technocrats to ensure that the project does not fail warning that State House projects do not fail.

The comptroller also warned politicians from the eight districts of Bunyoro against politicising the project saying that everybody should benefit regardless their political affiliation.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government, Mr Benon Kumumanya, urged leaders and the people of Bunyoro to embrace and develop the project to greater heights.

The launch held at Masindi District Health Board Room was attended by district chairpersons, Chief Administrative Officers, Resident District Commissioners and the technocrats from the eight districts of Bunyoro including Kakumiro, Masindi, Hoima, Buliisa,Kiryandongo, Kagadi, Kibaale and Kikuube.

Mr Charles Ntairehoki, Kiryandongo district LC 5 chairman, welcomed the project pledging total support towards it.


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