Students demand special engagement on oil

Ms Haular Nannozi, speaks during a workshop organised by Uganda National Oil Company at Hoima Resort Hotel in Hoima City on Wednesday, July 5, 2023. (Image: Joseph Uzelle/Kazi-njema News)

It has emerged that most students in higher institutions of learning complete their studies unaware of the existing job opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Uganda, says Ms Haular Nannozi, a Diploma graduate in Clinical Medicine and Community Health from Gulu College of Health Sciences.

Speaking during a Supplier Development workshop organised by the Uganda National Oil Company (UNOC), Ms Nannozi said on completing their studies to the job market in the oil industry, fresh professionals meet hurdles in securing employment in the sector due to the lack of prior knowledge about the procedures involved for one to be incorporated there.

She revealed that such a lack has subjected them to being denied job opportunities in the industry whenever they go seeking them.  

Ms Nannozi suggested to the oil companies to always allocate time and interface with students in higher institutions telling them about the opportunities available in the sector.

She said it beats her understanding that oil companies do not advertise health-related jobs, wondering if their employees do not fall sick and need the attention of health care providers at the local level to fulfil the government’s local content policy.

Audio: Nannozi on employment (English)

In the workshop that took place at Hoima Resort Hotel in Hoima city, Ms Nannozi urged oil and gas companies to soften their rules and regulations set up as requisites for one to get a job opportunity to enable eligible Ugandans to benefit from the resource that was discovered in the Albertine rift.  


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