Tanzania maps routes for gas pipeline to Uganda

Tanzania President, Hassan Suluhu, attends a business summit in Kampala on Tuesday night. (Courtesy photo)

Tanzanian President Hassan Suluhu, says the development of a pipeline carrying liquefied natural gas from her country to Uganda will be realised, a huge step in strengthening the two neighbours’ energy cooperation.

“For the gas pipeline to Uganda, we are discussing routes. We need the pipeline to go through more of our productive towns in Tanzania. We are going to implement it,” emphasised Ms Suluhu at a Business Summit organised by the Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PPSF) on Tuesday night.

The pipeline will start from Tanzania’s capital, Dar es Salaam through Tanga Port on the Indian Ocean and to Mwanza, a port on Lake Victoria prior to crossing the border to Uganda.

Tanzania has proven natural gas reserves of 57 trillion cubic feet with at least 49.5 trillion cubic feet of those reserves offshore in the Indian Ocean.

In 2021, Tanzania concluded the land acquisition for all 14 project priority areas for the gas pipeline. Compebsation of the affected started earlier this year.

Uganda needs gas to stimulate its fledgling steel industry.

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