Tilenga Project oil rig set to arrive to Albertine Grabben

Oil and gas drilling in the Albertine Graben is expected to begin by the end of this year after the Tilenga Project’s first rig -ZPEB Rig 1501, has successfully completed its endurance test and officially handed over to TotalEnergies EP Uganda’s contractor ZPEB.

TotalEnergies said today (Tuesday) that the test that was conducted following the conclusion of the rig building marks an important milestone in the project’s activities as it precedes the imminent shipment of the rig to Uganda.

The test that involved the placement of the rig in an operational state for a continuous period of 24 hours, was conducted to certify the operability of the rig.

The rig’s 15,000 Horsepower equivalent to the Horsepower of four heavy duty trucks is stringent that if a problem is identified requiring stoppage for more than 30 minutes, tht 24 hour count must be restarted to ensure the problem is resolved.

According to the statement, during the testing, 100% of the rig equipment is installed and runs simultaneously and continuously for 24 hours including a mud pumping function of up to maximum working pressure 90% of the system.

“This is an important step forward for TotalEnergies EP Uganda and the Tilenga project as it signifies progress towards the commencement of our drilling activities and subsequent delivery of first oil in Uganda. We look forward to receiving this rig worked on by all teams tirelessly,” said Mr Thierry Vinay, TotalEnergies EP Uganda’s consultant in China.

The Tilenga Project rig has a compact backyard with engines, electrical house, mud and water tanks, mud pumps and engines which remain at the same position whatever the number of wells and distance to the farthest well of the pad are, the statement continued.

The rig has been constructed and tested by the Honghua Factory in Guanghan city, Sichuan province in China.


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