Timber factories required to have sustainable sources of raw materials to save forests

In a bid to consolidate national efforts to restore the environment and national forest cover, the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), says applications for timber processing factories will require proof of sustainable source of supply of raw materials.  

The Authority says the effectiveness of the new development begins today Tuesday, September 6, 2022, in order to additionally curb the rampant harvesting of immature trees and poaching of trees from protected areas.

NEMA Executive Director, Dr Barirega Akankwasah, says all existing timber processing plants will also be required to identify their sustainable sources of wood with evidence before their certificates are renewed or audits approved.

Several forest trees have been cut down in parts of Uganda including Bugoma central forest reserve for agriculture, timber logging and settlement leaving wildlife without habits and consequently creating human-wildlife conflict.

The conflict has resulted in loss of human and animal life with children and gorillas and elephants respectively being most vulnerable as evidenced Bugoma forest.


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