Two Covid-19 suspects escape from Masindi isolation ward

Masindi General Hospital ward

Two Covid-19 suspects have escaped from Masindi General Hospital isolation ward before completing their institutional quarantine period.

The Masindi district head of the Covid-19 case management team, Dr Rogers Musinguzi, said today (Tuesday) that the duo from Kyatiri Village in Pakanyi Sub-county escaped on Sunday evening.

He told the team during the district Covid-19 taskforce meeting in the district health offices compound that the suspects turned out negative on first test.

However, they were awaiting a second test since the first one was taken before they had spent the recommended 14 days – the period when the virus incubates.

The medic said the two were part of the seven people in the isolation ward adding that they now pose a health danger to community members in case they have the virus.

“Efforts should be put in place for the escapees to return to the ward and complete their isolation period so that if they are declared negative, they can be discharged from the ward,” he said.

However, Dr Musinguzi attributed the escape to the hospital’s insufficient funds to feed Covid-19 suspects and inadequate security at the ward.

The acting District Health Officer, Mr Patrick Baguma, said a hunt has been mounted for the two run-aways to be returned to the ward.

“I am optimistic that they will be got since we have their particulars,” he said.

The Masindi deputy Resident District Commissioner, Mr Longino Baheebwa, stressed that Covid-19 suspects should be highly guarded since the communities they are living in are hostile to them.

There are currently five Covid-19 suspects under institutional quarantine at Masindi General Hospital with 17 so far declared negative.


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