Workers union leaders go missing from custody in S Sudan – protest over salary

(Courtesy photo)

Three Jonglei workers’ union officials who were arrested a week ago have escaped from police custody, police said.

The three leaders of the Jonglei Workers were arrested in Bor town while leading protests demanding payment of five-month salary arrears.

David Mayen Deng, the union’s chairperson, Samuel Majier Loch, the union’s secretary-general, and Union of Teachers’ Ruben Matiop Mayol were arrested by the police on August 12.

State Police Spokesman Major Majak Daniel Tuor told the press on Saturday that, the three workers’ union officials run away from the police station and the police and even the entire government is now searching for them.

When asked who would be accountable for the missing officials’ safety after disappearing while in police custody, Majak said: “Only that they run away, but about their safety, we can assure the families that these people are not harmed, and no one killed them only that they fear rearrests.”

The relatives of the officials are worried after failing see them amid reports of missing while in custody.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Dhieu, the union’s spokesperson, said they are worried about the safety of their colleagues.


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