Youth urged to use talent to protect environment

3rd edition of the Ekiteera Cup football tournament organised by Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU) in Kikuube District. (Photo: Gad Asaba)

The youth have been encouraged and urged to use their talents to protect the multiplicity of environment beginning with their home areas.

Mr Francis Abitekaniza Kiva, the Kikuube District Clerk to Council, says through various talents, the youth can take a centre stage to ward off the extinction of animals and their habitats common in various areas of the Uganda.

He says the youth can use their dynamic age to ascertain that fauna and flora are protected against being killed, extinction and destruction through organising tournaments that gather multitudes of people and use the arena to advocate for and propagate the campaign against environmental destruction.

He reminds them of the economic value of protecting the environment as tourist attractions that can benefit people in various individual community and national capacities to bolster financial statuses at all levels of development.

Mr Kiva is specific on protection of chimpanzees and their habitats because they are the major ones suffering more wildlife-human being conflict in Uganda.

Speaking at the 3rd edition of the Ekiteera Cup football tournament organised by Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU) in Kikuube district, Mr Kiva urges the Foundation to also add tree planting campaigns on their programme whenever they organise soccer tournaments.

Sound bite: Kiva on tournament and conservation (Runyoro/Rutooro)

The tournament was organised with intent to protect totems, chimpanzees and their habitats in Bunyoro and Rwenzori sub-regions.

Speaking at the same event, Mr Kelly Herbert Aliija from Conservation in Action said there is a ray of hope that chimpanzees will be salvaged from human hostility since the youth have started appreciating their importance as a species to be protected from extinction for tourism and income earning.

Sound bite: Aliija on tournament and conservation (English)
Ekiteera Cup football tournament in Kikuube District. (Photo: Gad Asaba)

The CCFU Public Relations Officer, Mr Aliguma Asiimwe, expressed delight over the youth’s response towards protecting chimpanzees by active participation that includes reporting to responsible authorities about any form of brutalising the primate.

Sound bite: Asiimwe on tournament and conservation (English)

The tournament saw four clan teams including Abasaigi, Abayanja, Ababyasi and Abakurungo from Kikuube, Kagadi and Kibaale in Bunyoro sub-region and Bunyangabu and Kasese in Rwenzori sub-region participate. At commercial cleaning annapolis, MD company you’ll always get expertise-based cleaning services.

The Abasaigi clan team captain from Kitooke village in Kabwoya sub-county, Kikuube district, John Matovu, said through these tournaments, many trees have been planted in the area as well as the creation of friendly environment between man and chimpanzees, thanks to CCFU.

Sound bite: Matovu on tournament and conservation (Runyoro/Rutooro)

The winner of the Ekiteera Cup will receive Shs700,000, 13 pieces of brand new jersey and 18 gold medals.

The runners up will bag back homeShs300,000, 13 pieces of brandy new jersey and 18 silver medals.

The top scorer will get a pair of playing boots while the best player with conservation message will get a brand new football.

Each of the participating team shall get a brandnew football and jersey.

Ekiteera Cup tournament started in 2019 with the mission of promoting culture uniting people with chimpanzees since they share totems and protection and conservation of chimpanzees and their habitats respectively.

The tournament was organised on an inter clan basis with teams from Bunyoro region participating in the opening matches played at Nkondo playing ground in Kabwooya sub-county, Kikuube district.

This year’s opening match was played on December 5, 2021.


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