3 killed by elephants in Buliisa sub-county alone – leaders report

Leaders in Buliisa Sub-county have listed the names of three persons that have been killed by elephants since February last year.  

The cases involving a 15-year-old boy and a 67-year-old man happened in Buliisa district alone at the height of the historical human-wildlife conflict in the past 60 years in Buliisa.

The third case took place on Tuesday 20, 2023, when a 42-year-old woman identified as Janet Bero Pamungu of Waiga village, Bugana parish was killed.

The Waiga Village Chairman, Mr Charles Okumu, identifies another person killed by elephants as Abdu,15, who was a pupil at Waiga 2 Primary School, who breathed his last in February last year.

The young boy was returning home from school when he was mauled and killed by an elephant that had reportedly strayed from Murchison Falls National Park.

A year later, in February 2023, a-67-year old Moogo Ungyiera was killed while weeding his garden.

The chairman says the problem is just surging instead being tamed despite pledges from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to provide durable solutions.

Audio: Okumu on fence (Alur)

Mr Kamanda Kabagambe, the Buliisa Sub-county Local Government Chairman, calls upon UWA to expedite implementation of the long awaited electric fence establishment bordering the conservation area to stop wildlife raids.

Speaking at a stakeholders meeting on human-wildlife conflict, the UWA Human Conservation Ranger, Innocent Wako, a game ranger attached to Murchison Falls National Park reiterated his call on residents to make timely report to UWA rangers whenever elephants are seen in communities.

Many communities in Buliisa are currently food insecure due to elephant raids and cassava diseases on the other side.

The same problems are reported in Nwoya district which is also neighbouring Murchison Falls National Park in the northern side.

This report has been compiled by Pascal Onega of Kazi-njema partner radio – Biiso FM.


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