USAID volunteer researcher feared kidnapped in Kiryandongo

Aswa River Region police spokesperson, Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema. (Kazi-njema News)

A volunteer researcher working with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Ms Irene Achom, 25, is feared kidnapped in Kiryandongo District.

Ms Achom reportedly disappeared on Friday shortly after she had left Gulu to Mbarara where she was invited to attend a job interview.

Her sister, Ms Jessica Alupo, 40, who is also an Assistant Manager with Centenary Rural Development Bank (CERUDEB), Kitgum branch, Saturday reported a purported kidnap case at Kitgum Central Police Station vide SD Ref:18/19/09/2020.

In her statement to the police, Ms Alupo alleged that Ms Achom was called on telephone number 0789885121 to go for interviews in Mbarara city.

Ms Alupo added that when Ms Achom left her place of work in Gulu for the purported interviews, someone called her using that number claiming that Ms Achom was involved in an accident.

Shortly, Ms Alupo recounts that the same person called for the second time asking her to send some mobile money on the phone number used for the call, creating suspicion of possible danger involving her sister.

When contacted, Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson, confirmed that the police received a complaint about the alleged kidnap adding that the police were “investigating the matter.”

This is the third incident of kidnap to be recorded in Aswa since the beginning of the year.


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