Lions Club stretches to Bunyoro for charity

The Governor Lions Club District 411B, Ms Christine Hellen Aporu Amongin, speaks at the launch of Lions Club Hoima Albertine in Hoima City in June 2023. (Image: Samuel Baguma/Kazi-njema News)

In a bid to expand membership and be able to meet its charity goals, the Lions Club has launched in Hoima city to serve the Albertine region districts of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

The newly launched club is called Lions Club Hoima Albertine which is the 57th club in Uganda under Lions Club District 411B.

Mr Francis Abitekaniza Kiva, the 2nd Vice President for Lions Club Hoima Albertine, says as the culture of the club, they will target the vulnerable communities based in the Bunyoro region.

“We shall mainly look into environmental protection, health, education and other charitable support deemed lacking in the community,” he says.

Supporting cancer and eye defects patients and offering first aid services to those in need are areas of focus in the field of health, he adds.

In an interview with the Hoima city-based Kazi-njema Online radio, Mr Abitekaniza says the club runs its activities generously free from any political, religious and tribal feelings.

They welcome any well-wisher in the community to support the needy through the club.

Audio: Kiva on club (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Ms Christine Hellen Aporu Amongin, the Governor Lions Club District 411B, expresses commitment to serve as their motto says “we serve.”

She says the club has been expanding since its inauguration in Uganda last year.

“By 1st July, 2022, at the start of the club, we had a membership of 1,815 but it has increased to 2,042 members and more are joining the club.

According to her, they have a target of serving one million people but they have been able to reach out to 1,342,179 including 257,275 diabetic persons and others in conservation.

She says in the Albertine region, they will work closely with religious, political as well as cultural leaders as partners for a common goal of reaching out to those in need.

Audio: Amongin on club (English)


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