Scabies hits Hoima

A child suffering from scabies

More than 500 people have been infested with scabies in five sub-counties of Hoima District.

The infested sub-counties include Buseruka, Kitoba, Kyabigambire, Kigorobya and Buraru, according to the Hoima District Health Inspector, Mr Frederick Byenume.

This website has learnt that both adults and children have been hit by the disease raising concern among residents and health officials.

Some affected villages include Nyakabiingo and Rwamutonga in Buseruka sub-county and Bineneza in Kyabigambire sub-county.

Some residents in Buseruka say the itchy, highly contagious skin disease that spreads through skin to skin contact broke out in December 2019.

Mr Harriet Oyeki, a resident of Nyakabiingo village says her seven-month daughter caught the disease five months ago while Mr John Ondoma of Buseruka says the disease has proved a challenge to them.

“Treating scabies has become a challenge to the locals who can’t walk long distances to health centres to seek treatment. They are relying on only Village Health Team (VHT) members for medication. However, majority have resorted to using herbal remedies to treat the disease,” says Mr Ondoma.

The Hoima District Health Inspector, Mr Frederick Byenume, says the district health authorities are working hard to ensure that the disease is outsmarted.  

However, he advises the community to observe proper hygiene to avoid catching the disease.

“Much as the health authorities are working on containing the disease in those sub-counties, it is of imperative importance for people to observe personal hygiene. That will automatically kick out scabies,” advises Mr Byenume.

Hoima is not the only district hit by scabies. In March this year, the disease hit Budongo sub-county in Masindi district. Such villages as Abangi, Onin, Bisaju and Ogadra were hit with pupils of Kasenene primary school most affected.

The disease also attacked residents of Bwijanga sub-county also in Masindi district forcing the Bujenje County Member of Parliament Lt (Rtd) Patrick Kasumba to commit part of his salary to fighting the disease in the two sub-counties which are his area of political jurisdiction.

Scabies is caused by an infestation of a parasitic mite called Sarcoptes scabiei.


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