UIA allocates new land to Masindi local government

Masindi District LC 5 Chairman, Mr Cosmas Byaruhanga.

Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) has allocated 100 acres to Masindi district local government at Kiryana village increasing chances for the survival of Kiryana Trading Centre in Kimengo Sub – county, Masindi District.

The piece of land where government plans to establish Bunyoro Regional Industrial Hub was handed over to the Masindi District LC 5 chairman, Mr Cosmas Byaruhanga, on behalf of the district.

This follows a recent submission that Masindi district local government tendered in to UIA requesting that the district be allocated a piece of land along Masindi-Kafo Road to enable part of it to be allocated to the trading centre that was at the brink of being dislodged from an investor land.

Receiving the land, Mr Byaruhanga said that UIA had initially allocated the district a piece of land situated far from the main road. This prompted the district authorities to request for a piece of land in another place after realising that the one they had been given was not easily accessible.

The chairman said that the district will plan for the land properly so that the trading centre can co-exist with the industrial park.

“UIA had allocated the district a piece of land far deep from the main road which could make it hard for accessibility. But a district leader, I submitted my request to UIA to have this development situated near the main road since it was to be set up in a deep village. Now being witnessed by officials from State House among others, it means that a regional industrial hub will be established without any impediment and residents of Kiryana trading centre have to settle to co-develop it. We shall engage the local leaders to ensure that these 100 acres are properly used without suppressing the residents,” said Mr Byaruhanga.

Audio: Byaruhanga on land (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Handing over the land, Mr Julius Muhairwe, the contact person for the Local Economic Development Programme in the Ministry of Local Government, said that now the land currently belongs to Masindi district local government.

He disclosed that the land is meant for the establishment of the regional industrial hub which aims at skilling the youth and women in the Bunyoro sub – region.

However, Mr Muhairwe clarified that Masindi district local government takes precedence in developing the land.

Audio: Muhairwe on industrial hub (English)

Mr Geoffrey Musimenta, the Kiryana village general secretary, said that the industrial park will offshoot development both in the area and the region at large.

“We welcome the development that has come to Masindi in particular and Bunyoro at large. The trading centre has been a central talk. The regional industrial hub to established, requires the existence of business people and learned people to steer it to development,” he said.  

Audio: Musimenta on industrial hub (Runyoro/Rutooro)


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